30" Sterilization Resupply Cabinet

The problem with the storage in your resupply area is that it is just a glorified kitchen cabinet. Usually, you wind up with a bunch of small items stacked up in heaps behind doors.

If you're the doctor, you've got to ask yourself – if you came in on an emergency, could you find what you need to get a specialized task completed? As an assistant, ask yourself – can I reach what's on that top shelf?

There is no need for this inefficiency and waste of space. Think of what the learning curve must be like for a new assistant!

Supplies should be easy to find and easy to get a hold of. In Lean Manufacturing this is called "Visual Restocking". Given the breath of supplies needed to run a dental office, our need for simple supply control is even more vital than for manufacturers.

For even greater productivity, consider the 30" Resupply Unit w/Hydraulic Pull-down Shelving.