Computer* & Storage CabinetTM

Twenty years ago someone decided that plastic, color coded... just about anything... was cool. As a result, dentistry was inundated with organizational systems that greatly appealed to our compulsive natures but that, by and large, are a waste of time. Ouch, do you believe that we said that?

If you can overcome that statement (and that you may want to find a new use for all of those cute trays), your life can get much simpler.

What does that have to do with a top cabinet? It's simple. Trays are silly and labor intensive. Use autoclavable cassettes. Yes they seem expensive but you don't need dozens of them. Think of it this way - one operative cassette costs about as much as a single pair of extraction forceps - and how long do they last? Virtually all of our Ergonomic Products system users are top 5% offices and most solo practitioners utilize a handful of operative cassettes for all of their restorative work. Since your cassettes are processed and stored centrally, this single treatment room cabinet has more important functions - the storage of bulky consumables (gloves, masks, bibs etc.) and it is the best location for your computer C.P.U. - easy, accessible, dry.

*Computer components not included.