Thank you so much to the team at Design Ergonomics and Ergonomic Products in all your help and patience getting us up and running. Also, thank you for the lovely flowers. I truly appreciate all that you have done and continue to do. We had a great and extremely productive first day today :)

Dave: I can tell you that I do not do everything that you suggest but I am nowhere near where I was before. We use the rapid carts, the tubs, the rear delivery carts, I wish that I had done the cabinets at the back in two ops with implant surgery now being more involved with the hydraulic drawers but we do a lot of what you taught. I am nowhere near where I was before at all... As for Lean... no I am not lean... I still doddle sometimes with crown preps as I hate being behind time so I tend to leave more time for a procedure than less. I simply get too stressed dealing with some of these high maintenance patients in a too cramped time schedule. I hope that you are happy, it doesn’t surprise me on your findings but I can tell you that you have made a world of difference to me in getting more ops into less space, getting a right handed left handed cart delivery system, the chair that traverses and has heat and massage is great, the tubs work well as do the rapid carts... this is all new to me. I tend to focus on the things that people do which I had an influence on... not what they didn’t do. Realize that you have impacted many, many people in a positive manner. I consider what you did for me personally to be one of the real mentors and truly a person that helped me obtain an office that was esthetic, functional, and cost effective.
THANK YOU DAVID Please keep smiling... the glass is half full my friend...

Thank you Nina... never had any doubts. Thank you for your skill navigating us to this fine endpoint. The outcome is very pleasing, Ed and Chip were very pleasant, and I will tell everyone I know to definitely give Ergonomic Products a look as you offer great equipment solutions. Please forward this to Dr. Ahearn on my behalf. Thanks again. JE Mills DDS… Oh yeah, thank Paul, Donna, and Monica as well.

The office is amazing!!!! We are incredible busy. In the first week my associate asked if we could get a few more treatment rooms because all 18 were busy :). Incredible!!! Who would have thought... Now we are dealing with rapid growth (250 to 300 NP in the first mo, 700 to 900 incoming calls, etc.). We are constantly hiring, BUT we are having a GREAT time and count our blessing for how busy we are. Thanks for the outstanding office. We all love it and our patients do to. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy and successful new year!!

First of all, thank you for the flowers and the good wishes for our opening day! Love the flowers and the gesture. We are very impressed with all the support we have gotten from the first day with everyone at Design Ergonomics and Ergonomic Products, starting with Dr. Ahearn, and Paul Leonard. We do get compliments on how the office came out, and also quite a few people realized how efficient this office will be when in full swing. We will send pictures if you wish. We want to thank Monica Lecchi, and Nina Emond and Diane Varr, and Kirstie and Hamilton and everyone else for a great job.

Will sure be glad to put the good word out for you companies on Dental Town and you can use us as a reference if you need a good one.

Thank you again,

Ray Lander
P.S. I do not have Dr. Ahearn’s email, but do forward this message for me please.

Hi Nina, Sorry for the delayed response. The chair has been a great addition to my practice, and money very well spent. I've had maybe two patients who didn't like the heat and massage features.

An equipment specialist (for a Canadian dental supply company) that helps us out was very impressed and he has been recommending it to other clients--and his company sells primarily Adec units!

I still HATE my old rear delivery cabinets, but until I know if I have to relocate I'm stuck. I hope you'll be at the Pacific Dental Conference next year -- I should be in a better position then.

Anyway I have been really impressed with Ergonomic Products.

Things are going great. We love the new office and the way your products help us run things.

Thank you for your help in getting what we needed and getting it set up.

We opened our doors on the new office Jan. 4 (amid sleet and snow), and we’re starting to get settled in. I just love it as does my team! It’s so much more fun coming to work in a nice, new and well-designed facility. I’ve already noticed a lack of fatigue and generalized soreness in my neck and back. I really like the RPG stools and the traversing patient chairs. I know a lot of people (mainly other dentists and equipment reps – surprise, surprise) were concerned that the operatories would be too small, but that hasn’t been a problem at all. In fact, yesterday we did our ACLS re-certification and at times had up to 9 people in an op without any problem.

You just wouldn’t believe it. I’d never go back to an open bay. You were right. What a great concept. The kids calm right down. I have the TVs on the ceiling running an ocean video and they just relax.

It makes treatment so much easier.

I’ve hired you to create a new office for me and I’m really excited, but I realized after coming to do an over the shoulder with you that if I paid you thousands to come and visit and watch how your system works and how it allows you to get the dentistry done and I never even bothered to build a new office, it would be the best dental investment I have ever made.

I came back home and doubled my production. I can’t believe it!

When doctors come by to see the office I praise you and your services and strongly recommend they use you. I am happy to give the recommendation.

Tony Robbins said that everyone needs a mentor. Someone to take them where they haven’t been. You have been the single best mentor I have ever had. I can’t believe how much I have learned from studying with you has changed my life. Suddenly we can see patients that we want to see and get the dentistry done easily.

Thank you.

Thank you for all of your help. I do not know what I would have done without your guidance. We are so happy with our end result thanks to your whole team. Thank you a million times over!

Just wanted to write a short note expressing my thanks to Dr. Ahearn and all the team for this past Friday. It would be difficult to describe verbally the efficiency of this practice. Seeing is believing. Again, my thanks.

I can’t even tell you how much less stressful, so much more joyful. All I have to do is to help my staff to grow. I don’t have any of the hassles that I used to have to deal with. I really don’t see any limits.

David has devoted lifelong study of workflow patterns, stress reduction in the workplace, and relief of bottlenecks in business. He and his team have then converted the information into easy-to-implement real-world changes improving the lives of dentists, team members and patients the world over.