Universal Workstation

The flagship product of the EP Workstation line, the Universal Workstation is the most commonly used and feature rich delivery system available. Offering over 6 square feet of usable work surface space at both the doctor and assistant's fingertips. These units, when stocked properly, will house all of the tools, utilities, supplies and consumables neccessary to accommodate your 90% procedure profile.

Standard Features

  • 1 High Speed Air
  • 1 Low Speed Air
  • 1 A/W Syringe
  • 1 HVE
  • 1 Saliva Ejector
  • Top Tier Staging Tray
  • 1 EP Consumable Bin
  • 1 EP Biohazard Bin
  • 1 Key Board Slide
  • Waste Receptacle Shelf
  • 10 Milled Handpiece Holders
  • Recessed Bur Detents

Note: "Assistant" versions of these workstations are available for OTP and Side Delivery users which would remove the handpieces.