Waiting 20+ Weeks
for Dental Equipment
is BS.

Waiting 20+ Weeks
for Dental Equipment
is BS.

Get Dental Equipment NOW!

You need dental equipment for your expansion, new lease or ground-up build... but your Dealer can't get it to you for a ridiculously long time. Why?

It's because they make a bunch of it overseas so they can make more money. That does YOU no good.

Our industry-leading dental equipment is made right here in the USA.

You can get it in 6 — 12 weeks.

Highest Quality • Best Warranty • Made in America

• Highest Quality
• Best Warranty
• Made in America

If you are sick of waiting for equipment and want to push your project forward, email or call our equipment team today at 866-374-6487.

We prepared for the inevitable supply chain crisis when COVID hit, and stocked up on enough mission critical components to get us through. However, as we serve more doctors who are stuck in a waiting game with slow dealers, our quantities will become limited.

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Dr. John Meis
Sioux City, IA

My own personal productivity went up 37% in the very first month, and it felt like I was working less hard. Everything was so efficient, and everything was right where I needed it to be.

Ergonomic Products. By Americans, for Americans.

Get your project back on track, open your doors sooner, and don't miss the growth opportunities that come in an economic slow-down.
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