14 Instrument Cassette

14 Instrument Dental Cassette
This unit is your bread and butter cassette and is used for all restorative dentistry.

Standard Configuration: 14 instrument slots plus side compartment

Typical Restorative Setup:

Slots – Mirror, Perio Probe, Cowhorn Explorer, Spoon Excavator, Hollenback Carver, Cleoid/Discoid Carver, Amalgam Condenser Plugger, Interproximal Carver, Small Plugger, Pear–shaped Burnisher, Finishing Burnisher, Composite Instrument, Universal Posterior Sickle Scaler, Packing Instrument

Side Compartment – Anesthetic Syringe, Articulating Paper Holder, 2 Matrix Band Holders, A/W Syringe Tip, Hemostat, 12–Hook Scalpel, 2 Cotton Forceps

Cubed Container – Air Abrasion Tip

Dimensions: 8″ x 10-7/8″ x 1-3/16″ (closed)

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