ArcTM OTP Delivery

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Gain the efficiency of our advanced operatory designs – but keep the comfortable familiarity of Over the Patient handpiece positioning.

Ergonomic Products now brings you the best of both worlds with our new OTP delivery unit, which is fully compatible with our 3-Series patient chairs.

Its durable construction & flexible options keep your dental productivity soaring.

  • 1 High Speed Air
  • 1 Low Speed Air
  • 1 A/W Syringe
  • Plumbed and/or 2-liter Self-Contained Water Supply
  • Large, magnetically held work tray
  • Powered Arm Break
  • Full arm rotation for immediate Right or Left-Handed use
Fully Functional Treatment Rm

  • We recommend adding an Assistant Cart to supply suction, treatment materials, consumables and additional work-surface during treatment. This places all necessary materials right where you need them – at your fingertips – for high-performance, ergonomic productivity. Whether 2-handed or 4-handed, staging your operatory this way will provide maximum flexibility and treatment efficiency.
  • All Ergonomic Product workstations are available in an Assistant Cart version (no handpieces), allowing you to achieve the level of productivity your practice demands.
Dedicated Hygiene Rm

  • For dedicated Hygiene-only rooms, we offer a rack-mounted EP Consumables Bin, integrated scaler and available chair-mounted suction utilities as shown right.
Arc OTP Delivery installed in hygiene room
Upgrades Options

* Not all upgrades are available for all Workstation configurations.

Curing Light:
• The Cure TC-01 (Spring Health)
– or – The Cure TC-24A (Spring Health)
Fiber Optics:
• Fiber Optics Light Source & Power Pack
Integrated Scaler:
• Woodpecker scaler
Additional Handpieces/Utilities:
• 3rd Air Handpiece (High or Low)
• 2nd A/W Syringe
Water Feed:
• Plumbed Line & Bottle
Other Options/Upgrads:
• Rack-mounted Consumables Bin
Arc Otp Upgrades
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