When you need high-flow at the highest volume the Desergo Elite Steri Center is the answer. Go big or go home.

With double the autoclave and instrument washing capabilities, 30 gallons (or more) of trash management, and twice the clean storage capacity, the Elite will provide ample through-put for the busiest of dental practices.

Counter-tops for the Desergo Steri Center line can be finished in a variety of materials. We recommend CORIAN for its durability in a medical environment. To reduce your costs, and provide the best custom fit possible, counter-tops should be sourced locally. Ask our clinical specialists for details.

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    Cabinet Color/Finish Selection
  • Cabinet available in standard EP color choices.
  • - OR - Upgrade to woodgrain finish. (Standard EP selections)
  • Upper Cabinet Shelves
  • Triple Pulldowns on Cassette and Storage Cabinets. Overall-height is 8'6", as shown on opposite page.
  • Double Pulldowns on Cassette and Storage Cabinets. Overall-height is 7'6-3/4", and is ideal for offices with lower ceiling heights. (item numbers will be different in this case)
Autoclave Rack:
• 2 racks as shown
• - OR - Single, 36" wide rack for larger autoclave (ie: Tuttnauer MDMaxx)
Undermount Sink:
• Double Sink
• - OR - Triple Sink
Far Right Cabinet (C2D1):
• Swing-door Storage
• - OR - Pull-out Trash (15 gal.)
Included Components
Upper Cabinetry (left to right):
• 2 Clean Cassette Triple Pulldown (C1D3)
• 2 Autoclave Rack (C2D5). Instruments not included.
• 5 Sterilization Triple Pulldowns (C1D2)
Base Cabinetry (left to right):
• 30" 4-drawer Cabinet (C2D4)
• 30 gal. Pull-out Trash (C2D2)
• Space for two 24" Dishwasher (washer not included)
• Double Swing-door Under-sink Storage (C2D3)
• 18" Swing-door Cabinet - or - 15 gal. Pull-out Trash (C2D1)
Middle (left to right):
• Full-length, under-cabinet lighting
• Over 12-1/2' of Slat Wall
• Polycarbonate Splash-guard
Slat Wall Accessories - Choose any 4 items (see Catalog for details):
• Glove Box holder, Triple Glove Box holder, Sharps holder, Wipes holder, Remote holder, Pad & Pen holder, Gift Bag bracket, Printer shelf, Monitor bracket
elite steri center dimensions line drawing