Medium Dental Cassettes

Medium Surgical Dental Cassette
Ideal for large, bulky surgical instruments. Surgeries also tend to happen less frequently in most practices – making them great candidates for a “set it and forget it” cassette.

Standard Configuration: 6 instrument slots plus 2 compartments and separator

Typical Restorative Setup:

Slots – Mirror, Explorer, Periosteal, Luxating Spade Elevator, East/West Elevators

Left Compartment – Syringe, Hemostat, Scissors

Main Right Compartment – Currette, Small Straight Elevator, Large Straight Elevators, Bone File, Upper Forceps, Lower Forceps, Anterior Forceps, Closed Break Forceps, Hemostat

Small Right Compartment – Tissue Forceps, A/W Syringe Tip, Surgical Scalpel, Surgical Scissors

Dimensions: 10″ x 5-1/2″ x 4″ (closed)

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