SpriteTx Pediatric Lift Bench

The SpriteTx is design to provide the most comfortable, efficient and ergonomically sound pediatric delivery available.

Our signature Ergonomic-Products compact delivery channel and an adjustable elevation range of 16″, allows much closer positioning to the patient than other benches.

The swiveling channel and assistant arm make the SpriteTx equally adept at both four and two-handed delivery, and allow for instant left/right convertibility.

Versatile, streamlined delivery with seating that will elevate your patients – and your productivity!
  • 16″ Lift for comfortable & efficient positioning
  • Swiveling Power Channel and Assistant Utilities
  • Right and Left-handed compatible
  • Child-friendly styling for a more relaxed patient experience
Clinical Features

Doctor’s Side:

  • 1 High Speed Air Handpiece
  • 1 Low Speed Air Handpiece
  • Footpedal Control

Assistant’s Side:

  • 1 HVE
  • 1 Saliva Ejector
  • 1 Air/Water Syringe
  • 2 Liter Self-contained Water

  • Staging Tray w/Swivel Arm
  • 2nd Air/Water Syringe on Dr. Channel – OR –
  • 3 Handpiece (high or low speed)
pedo features overal bench height2