Zirc Tub Supply Storage

Be ready in an instant for your less common procedures. From implants to whitening, pre-set Zirc Tubs provide immediate, organized access to everything you need for treatments that fall outside your typical 90% procedure profile.

— Be Ready in an Instant

Offered in a variety of versions to cater to your specific practice’ needs:
  • Zirc Tub Complete: Featuring a locking lid and smaller size, the Zirc Tub Complete is an excellent storage device for many specialty procedures.
  • Zirc Tub Standard: The standard Zirc Tub, sold without a lid, is perfectly designed to slide into the fixed brackets on the Rapid Deployment Cart.
  • Lewis Storage Bin: The Lewis Bin fits comfortably in any of our Rapid Cart drawers. Its large capacity and customizable dividers make it an effective enhancement and storage unit.
Zirc Tub Complete:
Clear locking lid
Customizable divider inserts
Removable interior foam base
Removable upper tray
2 small individual containers
Zirc Tub Standard:
Customizable divider inserts
Removable interior foam base