Our high-performance delivery platforms offer a wide range of options to suit the way YOU deliver dentistry.

Our treatment rooms are more productive than any other solutions by design. The Workstation is the patented multi-tiered delivery unit at the core of this design.

Workstations bring the productivity of a highly consolidated, comprehensive treatment system to within equi-distant reach of both the doctor and assistant, closer to the point of use than any other delivery unit in the industry.

When you compare our total rooms feature for feature with the competition, the installed savings are significant. The EP Delivery Workstations create the most cost effective, high performance treatment rooms on the market.

InWall™ Storage

Surround yourself with efficient design and your productivity will skyrocket.

At Ergonomic Products, we try to extend the principle of freedom of choice to everything that we create. That's why we have so many options available to you even when it comes to storage systems.

Design the system that best suits your individual needs or let our practice consultants assist you in optimizing your selection.

Support Cabinetry

Double your storage space while improving accessibility, visibility and safety.

Support cabinetry glues the high-tech pieces together. Ergonomic Products can make this union simple and affordable with quality cabinetry.

One of greatest unnecessary costs often incurred in creating a dental operatory is cabinetry. In the old days, when dentists had one room (and poor sterilization!), everything was stored in a drawer in that room.


Compliment the advanced ergonomics of our delivery solutions with equally advanced clinician seating.

In many ways great seating is the most significant part of great dental ergonomics. At Ergonomic Products, we make and sell only best in class products. Our chairs are no exception. These products will improve your health and increase your productivity. Our patient chairs are unequivocally the most advanced chairs made, combining heat, massage, memory foam and Ultraleather™ with incredibly narrow backs and a patented cradle-sling system for the ultimate in comfort and control.


Don't duplicate expensive equipment – mobilize it!

The use of rapid deployment allows instantaneous set up and redeployment of delivery elements such as those desired in endodontics, surgery and advanced diagnosis. Distribute technology from room to room rather than targeting treatment to individual rooms. Don't duplicate expensive equipment, mobilize it with Rapidcarts

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If you would like to learn more about how our products will improve your practice, your health, and your bottom line, please give our team a call (866-374-6487).

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All-in-one functionality that is brilliant, in every sense of the word.

You require exceptional illumination to perform procedures – but the fact is, your patients spend a LOT of time looking up, and lighting will have a significant impact on their experience. A truly exceptional lighting solution will address both needs – which is why we created the Aurora LS.

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Bins and Tubs

Consolidate up to 10 days worth of your most common procedures materials – at your fingertips

Be ready in an instant for your less common procedures. From implants to whitening, you’ll have immediate, organized access to everything you need for treatments that fall outside your typical 90% procedure profile.


Save time. Improve reliability.

Making the transition to cassettes can be confusing. Often times, offices have been trained to use a complex array of tray setups. The Ergonomic Products system makes it easier. Using our efficiency principles, most general practices, will need only four cassette types.

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Customize your clinical spaces to create an efficient and productive operatory environment suited to your specific needs.

Michelangelo said that God was in the details. Well, these are some of the details. Simple things make practice life better, from lead apron holders that mount on a single wall stud, to simple solutions for TV mounting and composite storage.

If a problem bothers us long enough, you can be assured that eventually we create a product to eliminate it.

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Slat Wall Accessories

Slat Walls are available on Universal and Essential Headwalls, as well on the Manhattan System Cabinet.

Many other accessories are available from a variety of sources. Ask your Clinical Consultant for details.

Customize your clinical spaces to create an efficient and productive operatory environment suited to your specific needs.

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Free Consultations

Please call us at 866-374-6487 for information about product availability, pricing, and to place an order. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

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Solution Driven Innovations

By constantly testing our own products in a real world, high-performance setting, we're able to develop revisions and improvements in a fraction of the time that it takes larger organizations.

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Changing Lives

Our clients are excited to relay the improved production, better patient experience and staff enjoyment they gain from ergonomic-products revolutionary dental equipment. Hear for yourself!

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