FastTrack LS

Without reliable light, you can't serve your patients. Track alignment issues? Shredded track wiring? You're out of luck. With a single-piece track extrusion and Secure Cord wiring, this light just won’t quit.

The FastTrack LS is the most reliable, cost-effective track-system available.

And if your old light system did fail on you or you need a new operatory light, the FastTrack LS is the fastest mounting track light in the industry. Installation is a snap and can be done by a single person in less than 15 minutes. This ease of use, simplified installation and superior reliability comes with an all-LED intraoral light to deliver high-performance at a fraction of the cost.

Standard Features

  • All LED lighting
  • 7000-32000 lux intra-oral light
  • Tune-able wave-length allows intra-oral use with a range of curable composites
  • 360° light-arm rotation
  • Single-piece aluminum extrusion body
  • Milled billet aluminum trolley
  • Igus Energy Chain for reliable cable management

The All-In-One
FastTrack LS

  • All-LED Performance

  • Quality Engineered

  • Cost-Effective Solution


ID Description Standard Metric
A Width of Light fixture 5in 12.7cm
B Overall Length 73in 185.4cm
C Thickness of Light fixture 3in 7.6cm
D Minimum distance of Light-head to Light Fixture 16in 40.6cm
E Maximum distance of Light-head to Light Fixture 41in 104cm

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