The New Standard in Hygiene Production

The compact InWall all-in-one delivery platform at the core of our Hygiene Package provides the same enhanced production found in all our Workstations.

To sustain growth, a practice CANNOT limit capacity in this crucial area

With our EP 330 Patient Chair (featuring heat and massage), your Hygiene rooms will be attractive, comfortable spaces that will guarantee your patients return time and time again.

  • High-performance, articulating delivery platform
  • Space Saving InWall construction
  • Material consolidation for improved ergonomics
32in Hygiene InWall™ Workstation (D2A1 & D2A4)
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  • 3-point Swivel for left/right convertibility
  • 1 High Speed Air
  • 1 Low Speed Air
  • 1 A/W Syringe
  • 1 HVE
  • 1 Saliva Ejector
  • Parkell Manual Scaler
  • - or - Parkell Turbo Sensor Scaler
  • 1 EP Consumable Bin
  • 1 EP Med-waste Bin
  • 8 Milled Hand-piece Holders
  • 2-Liter Self-contained water supply
  • Auxiliary Air/Water Ports
  • Bib/Glove/Product storage (D2A4)
Hygiene Resupply Pulldown (C1A2)
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  • Open storage is recommended in Central Resupply, but is less desired in patient spaces. The Hygiene Resupply eliminates the under-storage of our standard unit and features doors for a patient-friendly appearance.
  • Hydraulic pull-down shelving provides easy access to materials.
16in InWall (N1B1)
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  • Impact resistant, seamless face-frame
  • Bulk storage specifically designed to hold standard glove boxes
  • (optional features below)
  • Flip-up writing surface, or
  • Med-waste flip-out
  • Chart holder, or
  • Paper-towel holder
16in InWall Comfort Station (N1A1)
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  • Large, hinged mirror covers InWall storage
  • Impact resistant, seamless face-frame
  • Chrome faucet
  • Brushed stainless undermount sink
  • Beveled Corian counter
  • Corian backsplash
  • Utility access panel
  • Recessed paper towel and cup dispenser behind mirror
FastTrack LS Light (L2A1)
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  • All LED lighting
  • 7000-32000 lux intra-oral light
  • Tune-able wave-length allows intra-oral use with a range of curable composites
  • 360° light-arm rotation
  • Single-piece aluminum extrusion body
  • Milled billet aluminum trolley
  • Igus Energy Chain for reliable cable management
RPG 400-D Doctor/Hygiene Stool (S2A1)
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  • Patented split backrest for lower lumbar support
  • "Active Seating" responds to weight and position changes
  • Rich Ultraleather® upholstery
  • Single lever, multi-function control
  • Assistant Stool includes adjustable foot-ring for added comfort and utility
EP 330 Patient Chair (S1A3)
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  • Heated base
  • Lower Lumbar Massage
  • Memory Foam support
  • Rich Ultraleather® upholstery
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Audio inputs
  • Product shown with optional Tri-tone upholstery scheme & self-tensioning arm-slings.
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Hygiene PKG

Hygiene has a huge impact on the health of your practice; but it doesn't have to have an equally large impact on your Floorplan. With the EP Hygiene Room...

You don't need to sacrifice Productivity when space is at a premium.

ID Equipment Item
C1A2 Hygiene Resupply Pulldown
N1B1 16in InWall
D2A1, D2A4 32in Hygiene InWall™ Workstation
N1A1 16in InWall Comfort Station
S1A3 EP 330 Patient Chair

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