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The TERRA Room Package Captures all of Design Ergonomic and Ergonomic Products' performance-driven philosophies

A Cost-Effective & Reliable Approach to Creating the Nation's Highest Producing Treatment Rooms.

The TERRA Room Package is the engine that will quickly power your new practice up to speed.

  • Smaller Equipment Footprint and More Efficient Use of Practice Space allows for Increased Operatories
  • Reduced Range of Motion for Dramatically Improved Productivity
  • Consolidated Material and Supply Delivery
  • Left/Right Convertibility
  • Reduced Room-turnaround Time

This budget-conscious solution will give you access to the most productive delivery system on the market – at a fraction of the price!

Terra Workstation (D1D1)
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  • 1 High Speed Air
  • 1 Low Speed Air
  • 1 A/W Syringe
  • 1 HVE
  • 1 Saliva Ejector
  • 8 Milled Hand-piece Holders
  • Solid white Corian work-surface
  • 1 EP UltraTub
  • 1 EP Consumable Bin
  • 1 Med-waste/Sharps Bin
  • 2-liter Self-contained Water
  • Shown with optional bur detents, and waste receptacle & shelf. Materials not included.
Essential Headwall (C2D1)
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  • Solid white Corian work-surface well suited to a medical environment
  • Aluminum Side-rails create attractive cable management (available white powder-coat or anodized)
  • Utility Access Panel
  • Slatwall Storage System allows customizable product or utility storage
  • Does not include monitor. A variety of Slatwall fixtures sold separately.
16in InWall (N1B1)
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  • Impact resistant, seamless face-frame
  • Bulk storage specifically designed to hold standard glove boxes
  • Space-saving InWall™ construction
  • Shown with optional Paper Towel holder. Other options and accessories available.
RPG 400-D Doctor and Assistant Stools (S2B1, S2B2)
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  • 5 dual-caster base
  • Easy cleaning vinyl upholstery
Biscayne EL Patient Chair (S1B1)

  • 7-function foot control
  • 1 programmable pre-position
  • Electro-Mechanical lift & recline
  • Double articulating headrest
  • Steel base with high-shine epoxy coating
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Terra PKG

The Terra Package delivers accelerated utility, comfort, and performance that is the hallmark of all Ergonomic Products systems.

ID Equipment Item
N1B1 16in InWall
D1D1 Terra Workstation
C2D1 Essential Headwall
S1B1 Biscayne EL Patient Chair

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