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Barrier with Integrated Extraoral Suction

A New Category of Safety for Dentistry, Medicine or Any Profession with a High Exposure to Oral Vapor.

By creating a broad negative pressure zone directly above the oral cavity, the Safe-T-Shield provides more powerful evacuation of patient exhalation than single point oral suction devices. The Shield also provides an absolute barrier to droplet and bioburden ejection while still allowing comfortable access to the treatment zone.

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We believe a track-mounted Safe-T-Shield will become the installed "Standard of Care" of the future.

Multiple Track-mounted shields may be ducted to a dedicated, central vacuum. Captured aerosols are then either filtered and returned to the HVAC system, or exhausted outside the facility. To retrofit your current practice, we will need to consult with your HVAC provider and advise on an installation plan (there is no charge for this consultation). Our practice design partner, Design Ergonomics, will be recommending that New Practice builds include a Safe-T-Shield in every operatory.

Why consider an installed, track-mounted system versus a mobile unit?

  • Up to 80% reduction on filter replacement costs and labor
  • Greatly reduced noise levels
  • Quicker room turnarounds with less surface area to disinfect
  • Operatory floor-space remains clear for other mobile technology
  • Higher filtration - H14 (removes 99.995% 0.3 µm particles)
  • Optionally, exhaust may be vented directly outside, which can remove the need for filtration completely
Documentation Section - Version 3

Safe-T-Shield Mobile - Version 3 ... Documentation Videos COMING SOON!
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Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

In many instances, an installed Safe-T-Shield can be utilized to create a negative airflow environment in the operatory.

This is the current recommendation for "some settings, such as for aerosol generating procedures."

(see pp. 12-12 of OSHA Publication 3990-03 2020, which can be found here:

Dentists, Assistants and Hygienists suffer the highest level of disease exposure and proximity rates across nearly all professions.

Create a safe environment for you and your staff as soon as possible! If retrofitting a Track-mounted Safe-T-Shield is impossible – or will require an extended delay – we offer a mobile, cart-based version for immediate deployment into your practice.

Product Features:

  • Overhead track mount (installed) or as mobile unit
  • Vapor evacuation via ducted laminar flow manifold
  • Shield barrier, approximately 19" x 14"
  • Universal articulation (yaw, pitch, roll)

Mobile Specifications:

  • 3-part 0.3 µm H13 level HEPA Filtration (initial filters included)
  • Fully adjustable articulating arm
  • No installation required
  • 130 CFM

Track-mounted Specifications:

  • Exhaust is ducted to exterior - OR –
  • Returned to your HVAC system (requires filtration*)
  • Telescoping & sliding downtube
  • 150 CFM or higher*

*Vacuum, filtration and overhead ducting are not included with Installed units. Up to 7 Installed units may be powered by a single central vacuum. We will consult with you and your HVAC provider to determine the best method of installation.


The future standard of dental care

  • Aerosol Control

    Vapor evacuation via ducted manifold

  • Particle Barrier

    Universal articulation (yaw, pitch, roll)

  • Exhaust Filtration

    H14 HEPA Filtration (Installed unit)

V3 Mobile Dimensions

AWidth of Mobile STS (thinner side)10.25in26.04cm
BDepth of Mobile STS (wide side)17.50in44.45cm
CHeight of Mobile STS (NOT including wheels)18in45.72cm
DHeight of wheels3in7.62cm
EHeight of arm connector block3.5in8.89cm
FLength of lower arm section15in38.1cm
GLength of elbows (fully extended)10in25.4cm
HLength of middle arm section25in63.5cm
ILength of upper arm section (before elephant trunk)15in38.1cm
JLength of elephant trunk (fully extended)10in25.4cm
K16in Safety Shield16in40.64

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