The EP Philosophy

Improved Productivity, Enhanced Efficiency and Elevated Comfort

Ergonomic Products was founded and continues to be managed by practicing dentist Dr. David Ahearn. Over 20 years we have developed Equipment to compliment our Design Ergonomics philosophies and through dental specific motion studies with NASA ergonomists, we have developed the healthiest and most productive way to deliver world-class dentistry. PERIOD.

Practice Equipment
Maximized for Productivity

Consolidated Range of Motion – We place everything you and your assistant need within arms reach at the point of production on our workstation delivery units. 20 years of research and live testing this method (Over-The-Head) have resulted in a product that provides the most efficient, comfortable and productive delivery in the industry. Produce more with less stress with Over-the-Head delivery and equipment that compliments the design of your operatory.

Enhance Patient Comfort – By consolidating all equipment and supplies, we can eliminate bulky side cabinetry, streamlining the operatory to create a much more welcoming patient view upon entry. An added benefit of this is reduced cost and a significant reduction in your operatory footprint. Simply put, we can equip more comfortable operatories, in less space, at a lower cost.

Productive, Space-Efficient, & Cost-Effective – The Workstation is the central core of a delivery system that extends throughout the operatory – from using space-efficient Inwalls and modular consolidation of procedural supplies to enhanced operatory lighting and the industry’s original traverse, heat and massage patient chair. These refinements have allowed us to eliminate the intimidating and expensive operatory systems of the past to create the most space-efficient, cost-effective and patient-friendly operatory in existence.

It's not magic.
It's just better design.

If you're ready to rethink what's possible, watch the video.

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Practice Layout
Centralized for Efficiency

The Bigger Picture – For a consolidated delivery system to function effectively, it requires an equally effective central support system.

Central Support System – Supplies for all operatories exist in a centralized location. Your central sterilization and resupply will benefit from using hydraulic pull-down cabinetry and clear tilt bins, enabling doctors, assistants and hygienists to reach any item and visually identify items that must be restocked.
But how are materials delivered and managed within the operatory?

Your 90% Procedure Profile – By examining your practice's most common procedures, you can develop a picture of your typical workflow – your 90% Procedure Profile. Our workstations are designed to hold a week's worth of all the materials and supplies to accommodate this procedural profile in supply bins and tubs. Restocking is handled quickly and easily by transporting these modular tubs to central resupply.

Practice Organization
Structured for Flexibility

Operatory Inclusivity – In its ideal state, every operatory in a practice is a fully-functioning, left/right convertible, unrestricted clinical space that allows for any procedure, in any room, at any time.

Mobilize Technology – Distribute technology for procedures outside the 90% Procedure Profile on Rapidcarts designed to quickly bring equipment from operatory to operatory.

More Flexible & Responsive Room Environments – Utilize mobile technology and cassette systems to increase scheduling flexibility and decrease turnaround time. The goal is to create operatories that are as cross-functional as possible including such elements as in-room case presentation and check out.

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Solution Driven Innovations

By constantly testing our own products in a real world, high-performance setting, we're able to develop revisions and improvements in a fraction of the time that it takes larger organizations.

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Changing Lives

Our clients are excited to relay the improved production, better patient experience and staff enjoyment they gain from ergonomic-products revolutionary dental equipment. Hear for yourself!

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