Dr. Kelly Bridenstine
Lenexa, KS

At chairside, everything is right there. Because there are no cabinets and drawers to hide things, inventory is immediate and easily trackable.

Dr. Maribel Caudillo
La Vista, NE

Efficiency with the design and products has been great. Love it! Definately would recommend your products and design services to others!

Dr. Ray Patchet
Eau Claire, WI

The staff loves it. Sterilization flow is very efficient and safe. We have a fun place to work. Thanks for the great job you did for me and my practice!

Dr. Ray Becker's Treatment Room

Client Testimonials

Dr. Ray Becker - Columbia, MD

Dr. Dale Nelson
Vancouver, WA

We have been using our new operatories for 6 months now and are very happy with them. All are working well and my assistants and hygienists remark on how much quicker it is to turn a room around for the next patient. Thank you!

Dr. Glenn Van As
North Vancouver, BC

The patients LOVE the massage and heated chairs. I worry that one day all 9 treatment rooms will be full with patients just coming in to have a massage and relax watching TV... funny huh? And at a dental office yet!

Dr. Jay Wisner
Charleston, SC

Your equipment and "theory" has changed my practice in unbelievable ways. We have almost doubled production in the last 3 years thanks to our new office full of your [Design Ergonomics and Ergonomic Products] equipment and theory.

Dr. Billings and Dr. Soistman Dental Practice Treatment room

Client Testimonials

Dr. Billings & Dr. Soistman

Dr. David Gage
Burlington, VT

Working in this space has been phenomenal – the relaxation my patients experience in the operatories is wonderful and the staff loves the efficiency of the setup. We just love it!

Dr. Jared Anderson
Bend, OR

We are all very thrilled to be working with our new design and equipment, and will be seeing patients today! There is no question that this is the best way to set up a dental office.

Dr. Andrew Mohlman
Kennewick, WA

The products have exceeded my expectations. My patients absolutely love the chairs and I can't wait to replace the other 3 chairs with identical ones. Form and function are spot on.

Dr. Jeff Groves Dental Practice Exterior

Client Testimonials

Dr. Jeff Grove - Wyomissing, PA