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In the meantime, feel free to view our website. Learn about our flagship workstation, the Stratus Workstation. Improve your operatory lighting with the Aurora LS. Or Simply scroll down for inspiration.


Our high-performance delivery platforms offer a wide range of options to suit the way YOU deliver dentistry.

Our treatment rooms are more productive than any other solutions by design. The Workstation is the patented multi-tiered delivery unit at the core of this design.


All-in-one functionality that is brilliant, in every sense of the word.

You require exceptional illumination to perform procedures – but the fact is, your patients spend a LOT of time looking up, and lighting will have a significant impact on their experience. A truly exceptional lighting solution will address both needs – which is why we created the Aurora LS.

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Don't duplicate expensive equipment – mobilize it!

The use of rapid deployment allows instantaneous set up and redeployment of delivery elements such as those desired in endodontics, surgery and advanced diagnosis. Distribute technology from room to room rather than targeting treatment to individual rooms. Don't duplicate expensive equipment, mobilize it with Rapidcarts

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InWall™ Storage

Surround yourself with efficient design and your productivity will skyrocket.

At Ergonomic Products, we try to extend the principle of freedom of choice to everything that we create. That's why we have so many options available to you even when it comes to storage systems.

Design the system that best suits your individual needs or let our practice consultants assist you in optimizing your selection.

Free Consultations

Please call us at 866-374-6487 for information about product availability, pricing, and to place an order. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

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Solution Driven Innovations

By constantly testing our own products in a real world, high-performance setting, we're able to develop revisions and improvements in a fraction of the time that it takes larger organizations.

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Changing Lives

Our clients are excited to relay the improved production, better patient experience and staff enjoyment they gain from ergonomic-products revolutionary dental equipment. Hear for yourself!

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