At Ergonomic Products our mission is to deliver Performance Without Compromise®.

Our equipment solutions provide the key ergonomic, efficiency and performance benefits to do just that, taking practice productivity levels to 2, 3, and even 4x the national average. We love what we do, live for our clients and want to make their lives easier. And we've been doing so for over 20 years. We aim to design, equip and train the BEST dental practice in every town in America.

How have we been able to develop such effective equipment solutions?

We understand the dentists' needs because we are run by one – and we strive to continuously improve our product offerings for the customers we serve, priding ourselves on providing 100% customers satisfaction 100% of the time.

How Do We Define Success?

As experts in dental office flow and maximizing doctor productivity, we've succeeded when you are making more money and seeing more patients, all while experiencing less stress. Get back to delivering world-class dentistry and we will handle the rest.

One Team under One Roof

We are a manufacturer and direct seller of dental equipment. With everyone in-house, we are able to rapidly respond to market trends and consumer needs. Our dedicated Research and Development team collaborates with Marketing and Customer Service, all at our Massachusetts headquarters to identify product gaps and incorporate our findings to create new and innovative products.

We are proud to continue in the great tradition of American Manufacturing.

All Ergonomic Products are assembled right here in our facility, by a team of truly dedicated professionals. Moreover, with a very few exceptions we use only American made components – and our Research and Development team is hard at work to eliminate even that small need.

Let us know if you'd like to come for a visit! Our team is always happy to host doctors who share our passion for advancing the dental industry!