EP 3-Series Dental Seating

Absolutely the most feature-rich chair on the market, the EP 390 was designed to consolidate best-in-class features over the past 3 decades.

With intense attention to the details of patient comfort and practitioner ease-of-use, the EP 390 will redefine your perspective on seating.

Why would you want anything less than the most comfortable, feature-rich chair on the market.

  • Combining a heated base with lower lumbar massage and traverse capabilities for enhanced comfort and perfect positioning
  • Audio inputs to allow the patient to listen to the media display during the procedure
  • All-in-all the most comfortable dental chair on the market
Color Choices


  • Upholstery is available in a range of solid, standard EP colors. Swatch-cards available.
  • – OR – Upgrade to a three-color upholstery scheme.
    Swatch samples and custom colors are available. Please call for details.
Configurations & Models

  • EP 390: Heat, Massage & Traverse
  • EP 370: Traverse Only
  • EP 330: Heat & Massage Only
  • EP 310: No Heat, Massage & Traverse

  • Self-tensioning Arm Slings
  • 2nd Chair Control Touchpad
  • Foot Control Pedal