32in Hygiene Dental Workstations

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There is a new Standard in Hygiene Production.

Everyone knows Hygiene drives dental practices. It’s the portal through which most new patients enter. To sustain growth, a dental practice CANNOT limit capacity in this crucial treatment area.

Is your hygiene set-up to handle the demand? If not, We at Ergonomic Products can help. Our 32in Hygiene Dental Workstation is one of 8 products included in our Hygiene Room Package (see package here). If a high performing dental workstation is all you need for you hygiene needs, please scroll down for more information. But if you need help equipping your entire hygiene treatment room, please visit our Hygiene Dental Room Package.

This compact InWall unit is a powerful all-in-one instrument which will give your dedicated Hygiene rooms the same high-level production capabilities found in all our patented dental delivery workstations.

  • 3-point swivel delivery platform
  • Allows for both right and left-handed delivery
  • Built-in glove box storage to showcase home-care products
  • More productivity potential in even less space
Standard Clinical Features

  • 1 High Speed Air
  • 1 Low Speed Air
  • 1 Air/Water Syringe
  • 1 High Velocity Ejector (HVE)
  • 1 Saliva Ejector
  • Parkell Manual Scaler
    -or- Parkell Turbo Sensor Scaler
  • 8 Milled Handpiece Holders
  • Auxiliary Air/Water Ports
  • 2-liter Self-contained Water
  • Bib/Glove/Product Storage
  • 1 EP Consumable Bin
  • 1 EP Med-waste Bin
Standard Configuration Features

  • Unit may be purchased with or without Upper Cabinet
  • Lower Unit – Workstation [D2A]
  • Upper Unit – Cabinet [D2B]
Color Choices

  • Corian Work Surface – Standard EP colors
  • Cabinet Color/Finish – Standard EP color
    -or- Upgrade to woodgrain
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Upgrades Options
*  Not all upgrades are available for all Workstation configurations.
Curing Lights:
• Spring Health Cure 1 Light
Fiber Optics:
• Fiber Optics Light Source
Water Feed:
• Plumbed Line & Bottle
• 3rd Air Driven Handpiece Hose
• 2nd Air/Water Syringe
• 1 Dedicated Air Syringe
• 2nd High Volume Suction
Dental Workstation Upgrades of Parkell Turbo, Spring Health Cure Light and High Speed Handpieces