Aurora LS Operatory Lighting

You require exceptional illumination to perform procedures – but the fact is, your patients spend a LOT of time looking up, and lighting will have a significant impact on their experience. A truly exceptional lighting solution will address both needs – which is why we created the Aurora LS.

All-in-one functionality that is brilliant,
in every sense of the word.

The Aurora LS is the industry’s only fully integrated light incorporating full room, spot, and intraoral lighting with patient media. This unit condenses all illumination needs into a single, elegant fixture.

Using all LED lights, the Aurora LS is significantly more energy efficient than comparable products, generates less heat, and conforms to the most stringent state regulations.

Standard Features

  • All LED lighting
  • 7000-32000 lux intra-oral light
  • Built-in touchless On/Off control
  • Tune-able wave-length allows intra-oral use with a range of curable composites
  • Dimmer-controlled, reflected general lighting for an improved patient experience
  • 2 high-intensity task lights, with independent direction and focus adjustment
  • Adjustable VESA 100 monitor bracket
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