Consumables Bin Supply Storage

The Consumables Bin places a large volume of materials within easy reach at chairside. When combined with the EP Mega Tub, it provides up to 10 days worth of supplies for your most common procedures. As with the Megatub, the Consumables Bin is easily brought to Central Resupply for quick restocking each week.

With a variety of adjustable slot-partitions, the Consumables Bin is customizable to accommodate for your 90% Procedure Profile.

The Bin is available by itself, but for maximum utility we recommend:
  • Pair the Consumables Bin with our EP Med-waste bin
  • Include Wall and counter brackets to configure within your operatory
  • Or simply position the Consumables Bin on your Ergonomic Products workstation for the optimal in-operatory supply solution

The EP Consumables Bin may be purchased as a stand-alone unit, or paired with the Med-Waste Bin. In either case, the bin comes with an aluminum shelf/counter bracket of appropriate length.

  • Consumables Bin (Bin ONLY)
  • Consumables Bin & Med-waste
Standard Features – Bin

  • Aluminum lid
  • 6 Flat dividers
  • 1 Aluminum wall/shelf bracket
  • 1 T-divider
  • 1 Multi-divider
  • 1 Acrylic spacer block
Standard Features – Med-Waste

  • Aluminum lid
  • Inner removable cover
  • 1 Aluminum wall/shelf bracket
  • 1 Sharps container
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