Mega Tub Supply Storage

At the core of our design philosophy is the simple fact:

You Can’t Use What You Can’t Reach

The EP Mega Tub is the ideal in-op supply system, placing procedural materials where you need them most – at your fingertips.

Its large capacity and Adjustable dividers allowing for a custom set up of up to 10 days worth of your most common procedures and materials. Weekly restocking is a breeze; simply bring the Mega Tub to Central Resupply, top off depleted supplies and return it to the operatory.

Allow for simple and more efficient setup of your operatory.
  • The Mega Tub comes with multiple long and short plastic dividers
  • Wall and counter brackets available to position the Mega Tub in a variety of locations
  • Custom fit to the Ergonomic Products Workstations
Standard Features

  • 2 Long plastic dividers
  • 1 Long aluminum divider
  • 6 Short plastic dividers
  • 5 Utility compartment boxes
    • 3 four-compartment boxes
    • 2 six-compartment boxes
  • 1 Aluminum composite rack
  • Composite rack grommets to be inserted based on your particular needs (two interior hole sizes)
  • Clear plastic lid
  • Aluminum wall/shelf bracket
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