Stratus Dental Workstations

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EP Dental Delivery Workstations place all your clinical needs right at your fingertips. It is the most efficient and ergonomic solution to a fundamental problem for dental equipment; you can’t use what you can’t reach!

Developed by Dr. David Ahearn, “Over-the-Head” delivery allows all materials, supplies and instruments to be positioned within easy reach of both Dentist and Assistant. This reduces physical strain, and dramatically increases clinical efficiency by eliminating wasted motions.

The next generation of dental equipment with enhanced ergonomic efficiency and productivity has arrived.

With an expansive work-surface, unfettered accessibility, right or left-handed convertibility and industry leading durability, the Stratus was designed for the true power-user; dentists who understand that an exceptional delivery unit will vault production revenues to new heights.

The Stratus takes this simple but profound truth to the next level, creating a dental workspace of unprecedented capability.
  • Large Corian Work Surface
  • Second Tier Corian shelf
  • Pivoting Dental Power Channel for full right or left-handed convertibility
  • Retractable Keyboard
  • Single Function Foot-pedal
  • Dental utilities equipped with an Umbilical Quick Connect
  • Auxiliary Power/USB Ports
Standard Clinical Features

  • 1 High Speed Air Handpiece
  • 1 Low Speed Air Handpiece
  • 3rd Air Handpiece (High or Low)
  • 1 Air/Water Syringe
  • 2 High Velocity Ejector
  • 1 Saliva Ejector
  • “The Cure”, 4 diode cure light
  • 12 Milled Handpiece Holders
  • Auxiliary Air/Water ports
  • 2 Recessed Bur Detents
  • 2-liter Self-contained Water
  • 1 EP UltraTub w/Side Rack
  • 1 EP Consumable Bin
  • 1 EP Med-waste Bin
Standard Configuration Features

  • Large Corian Work Surface
  • Second Tier Corian shelf
  • Pivoting Power Channel
  • Retractable Keyboard
  • Single Function Foot-pedal
  • Umbilical Quick Connect
  • Auxiliary Power/USB Ports
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Adjustable Height Surface
  • Waste Receptacle & Shelf
Upgrades Options

* Not all upgrades are available for all Workstation configurations.

Electric Handpiece Integration:
• Bien Air MX2 (Single Motor)
• Bien Air MX2 (Dual Motors)
Scalers (Parkell) :
• Manual/AutoTune
• Turbo Sensor Scaler
Fiber Optics:
• Fiber Optics Light Source
Water Feed:
• Plumbed Line & Bottle
• 2nd Air/Water Syringe
• 1 Dedicated Air Syringe
• 3rd High Volume Suction