SurgiLift Dental Table

The SurgiLift dental surgical table will make your complex dental procedures easier and more efficient.

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Improve Clinical Efficiency with SurgiLift

The capabilities and complexities of surgical dental care have greatly expanded in recent years, and this presents significant challenges for today’s practitioner.

Surgical tables have been used in medicine for quite some time to bring high-capacity delivery over the patient quickly and safely but without fixed obstructions that would inhibit egress and rescue. The existing tables are expensive, clumsy and void of the resources needed to deliver the highest quality of surgical dental care. They were designed simply as a place to lay out hand instruments. In dentistry, we need so much more. That’s why we created the SurgiLift.

The Ergonomic Products Surgilift features an automatic lift mechanism that eliminates the need for repetitive strenuous movement. This allows both doctor and assistant to easily adjust the height of the table with a touch of a button – transitioning seamlessly from standing to sitting in seconds. The SurgiLift provides the ease, versatility, and durability to elevate production levels and clinical efficiency unlike any other.

Standard Features:
  • Curved or Straight White Corian Top (42” wide, 24” deep, ¾” thick)
  • Center Mounted Height Controller
  • 2 Left/Right recessed packets for small items (to not roll off table)
  • 2 Wire/Cord Access Ports
  • Cord Management Holder/Cover
  • 2 Left/Right Handpiece Holders
  • Hand Grip
  • 4 Plug Power Brick with Coiled Cord
  • Lockable Swivel Casters
  • Rapidly disinfectable curved or straight Corian worksurface
  • Left and right side handpiece and utility holders
  • Integrated handgrips for precise positioning
  • Center mounted powered height controller
  • Right and left side worksurface recesses for secure placement of small components
  • Two cable access ports
  • Integrated cable management
  • Medical grade 4 plug power supply with coiled cord.
  • Industrial grade locking swivel casters

*The unit shown highlights our standard SurgiLift. Pictured shows curved version.

surgilift features full clipped