Tilt Bins Supply Storage

There is absolutely no better way to maintain control of your small item inventory than with see-through tilt bins. Know what you have, where it is, and when it’s time to re-order – all at a glance.

Never run out of supplies AGAIN.

Our Clear Faced Tilt Bins come in 9, 6, and 5 Bin Units to store anything and everything that you need in one central location. Once you remove all supplies and materials from their packaging and enable visual restocking, you will NEVER run out of supplies again.

Standard Features:
  • Clear-face, break resistant plastic
  • 45 degree tilt-out with molded handles
  • Ridged for easy counter stacking
  • Pre-drilled for simple wall mounting
9 Bin Unit:
Width – 23-5/8″
Depth – 2-1/2″
Height – 3″
6 Bin Unit:
Width – 23-5/8″
Depth – 3-5/8″
Height – 4-1/2″
5 bin Unit:
Width – 23-5/8″
Depth – 5-1/4″
Height – 6-1/2″