Universal Workcenter Operatory Cabinetry

As a key element of the Universal Headwall, this cabinet was designed to be a highly efficient utility, storage and work center.

It is most effective when used in a dual/head-entry format and in-conjunction with the Universal Workstation.

The Universal Storage Cabinet helps create an ideal ergonomic production zone that is both highly efficient and out of the patient’s line-of-site upon entry to the operatory.

The 4 square feet of solid Corian® work surface is just the start

Standard Features:
  • Retractable counter extensions to provide 2 sq. ft of additional work surface
  • 2 Deep Storage Drawers
  • A Quick Connect Umbilical port
  • A Utility Access Panel
Standard Features

  • Universal Work Center
    • 4 sq ft of solid Corian work surface
    • Retractable counter extensions provide an additional 2 sq ft of work surface
    • 2 deep Storage Drawers
    • Quick Connect Umbilical port (standard)
    • Utility Access Panel
  • Corian Work Surface
    • Corian available in standard EP Corian color choices.
  • Utility Configuration
    • Standard Umbilical Quick Connect
    • – OR – Snoot Mount
    • – OR – No utility opening (solid face)
  • Optional Sink Upgrade for C4A Work Center
    Sink option includes stainless steel sink & chrome faucet. Supplied with Corian backsplash (if not using Slat Wall).
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