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Dr. Halloran
Fresno, CA

My back feels much better! I was killing myself with my old delivery system off the side delivery cart. It feels so much better at the chair without a doubt!

Dr. Bridenstine
Lenexa, KS

At chairside, everything is right there. Because there are not cabinets and drawers to hide things, inventory is immediately and easily trackable.

Dr. Patchet
Eau Claire, WI

The staff loves it. Sterilization and flow is very efficient. We have a fun place to work. Thanks for the great job you did for me and my practice!

Performance without Compromise

Our unique design and equipment philosophies have helped over 1000 dentists increase their productivity levels to 2, 3, and even 4x the national average, all while providing enhanced efficiency and comfort for both the patient and practitioner.

Dr. Collins

Dr. Collins
Madison, MS

Dr. Lacap & Tong

Dr. Lacap & Tong
Tappan, NY

Dr. Patel

Dr. Patel
Panama City, FL

Dr. Johnson

Dr. Johnson
Santa Barbara, CA

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Please call us at 866-374-6487 for information about product availability, pricing, and to place an order. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

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Solution Driven Innovations

By constantly testing our own products in a real world, high-performance setting, we’re able to develop revisions and improvements in a fraction of the time that it takes larger organizations.

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Our Solid System

Many of the systems we develop draw from LEAN manufacturing principles in which processes are simplified and “standardized”: modular supply delivery, visual restocking, streamlined room setups.

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