30in Sterilization Pulldown Operatory Cabinetry

Double your storage space while improving accessibility, visibility and safety.

Anyone will be able to reach any shelf with the hydraulic cabinetry of our 30″ Resupply unit in less time with less effort.

Standard Features:
  • Hydraulic pull-down shelving to provide easy access to materials.
  • Maximizes use of vertical storage space without sacrificing safety.
  • Open shelving allows visual inventory – know at a glance what you have and where it is.
  • Partition storage under unit allows for a quick customizable arrangement of materials.

  • Cabinet Color Selections
    • Available in standard color choices.
    • – OR – Upgrade to woodgrain finish. (Standard EP Woodgrain finishes)
  • Cabinet Doors
    • No Doors (this is the standard configuration)
    • – OR – Include Doors
  • While open storage is recommended in central resupply areas, it is less desired in patient-oriented spaces.
  • To address this, we offer the Hygiene Resupply. Intended for use in Hygiene rooms, this version eliminates the open, partitioned under-storage and is only sold with doors.
    View Hygiene Resupply
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