30in Hygiene Pulldown Operatory Cabinetry

While open storage is recommended in central resupply areas, it is less desired in patient-oriented spaces. To address this, we offer the Hygiene Resupply Cabinet.

Intended for use in Hygiene rooms, this version eliminates the open, partitioned under-storage and is only sold with doors…

When compared to the open concept of the Sterilization and Central Resupply version.

Standard Features:
  • Hydraulic pull-down shelving to provide easy access to materials.
  • Maximizes use of vertical storage space without sacrificing safety.
  • Includes Cabinet doors to hide materials from patient view
  • Available in standard color choices

  • Cabinet Color Selections
    • Available in standard color choices.
    • – OR – Upgrade to woodgrain finish. (Standard EP Woodgrain finishes)
  • Cabinet Doors
    • Doors on this unit come standard
    • – OR – No Doors
  • Intended for use in Hygiene rooms, this version eliminates the open, partitioned under-storage and is only sold with doors. If you prefer an open storage solution…
    View our Sterilization Resupply
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