Raising Dental Productivity to New Heights

The UNIVERSAL Room Package offers exceptional treatment delivery, improved case presentation capabilities and an enhanced patient experience.

Do more world-class dentistry with ease in an environment that both you and your patients will love.

Our treatment room solutions are unmatched, combining the most efficient delivery, flexibility, space efficiency and enhanced work-flows in the industry. The promise at the heart of all our equipment packages – Any Procedure, Any Room, Any Time – has enabled our clients to consistently achieve production-per-hour levels that are two to three times the national average.

  • High-performance, multi-tiered delivery platform
  • Inwall digital presentation
  • Instant Left/right Convertibility
  • Extensive production & storage space
  • Advanced clinical & general lighting solutions
  • The most feature-rich patient chair on the market
Universal Workstation (D1A1)
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  • 1 High speed air
  • 1 Low speed air
  • 1 A/W syringe
  • 1 HVE
  • 1 Saliva ejector
  • 10 Milled hand-piece holders
  • 2 Recessed bur detents
  • 1 MegaTub with aluminum side rack
  • 1 EP Consumable Bin
  • 1 EP Med-waste Bin
  • Stainless steel trash shelf and waste basket
Universal Headwall (C1B1, M3C1, C2B1)

  • C1B1 – Computer Storage Cabinet
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  • 4.4 cubic feet of storage
  • Slide-out shelf for CPU
  • Monitor mounting bracket
  • M3C1 – Slat Wall
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  • Over 5 sq ft of slat wall
  • 100’s of accessories available
  • C2B1 – Universal Work Center
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  • 4 sq ft of Corian work-surface
  • Built-in slide-out shelves
  • 2 deep storage drawers
  • Quick Connect umbilical port
  • Utility access panel
32in Media InWall (N3C1)
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  • Articulating Media Arm with monitor bracket
  • Extended CORIAN Counter-top
  • Recessed paper towel and cup dispenser behind large hinged mirror
  • Additional product storage behind mirror
  • Open glove & bib storage
  • Chrome faucet
  • Brushed stainless sink
  • CPU compartment
  • Utility access panel
24in InWall (N2B1)
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  • Impact resistant seamless face-frame
  • Bulk storage specifically designed to hold standard glove boxes
  • Flip-up writing surface
  • Med-waste flip-out
  • Chart / Paper-towel holders
Aurora LS Light (L1A1)
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  • All LED lighting
  • 7000-30000 lux intra-oral light
  • Built-in touchless On/Off control
  • Tune-able wave-length allows intra-oral use with a range of curable composites
  • Dimmer-controlled, reflected general lighting for an improved patient experience
  • 2 high-intensity task lights, with independent direction and focus adjustment
  • Adjustable VESA 100 Monitor Bracket
EP 390 Patient Chair (S1A1)
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  • Heated base
  • Lower Lumbar Massage
  • 10” Traverse length for perfect positioning
  • Memory Foam support
  • Rich Ultraleather® upholstery
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Audio inputs
  • Product shown with optional Tri-tone upholstery scheme & self-tensioning arm-slings.
RPG 400-D Doctor and Assistant Stools (S2A1, S2A2)
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  • Patented split backrest for lower lumbar support
  • “Active Seating” responds to weight and position changes
  • Rich Ultraleather® upholstery
  • Single lever, multi-function control
  • Assistant Stool includes adjustable foot-ring for added comfort and utility
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